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Spyderco Mystery Review (2 of 3) – Preparedmind101

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8 thoughts on “Spyderco Mystery Review (2 of 3) – Preparedmind101

  1. The Taiwanese people pride them selves on high quality, so you can be sure this knife has low tolerances, but the Chinese is a different story.

  2. Hi Chris!! Nice review as always!! I have had a lot of spyderco made in USA. My favorite is the pm2 Camo. Few years ago i bought a spyderco Southard flipper made in Taiwan, that was amazing, fit and finishes were perfect, heat treatment was really good. So happy with the Taichung Taiwan spyderco I bought another one, the sage 5, same materials ad the amalgam. Gonna said, the Southard flipper was on another level of fit and finish, my pm2 to. This new sage 5 have all those mark on the blade like yours, and a weird retention compared to the pm2. But the really big difference is that the pm2 is all rounded on the spine and on the spyder hole, it does not hurt your finger when you open it… The sage 5 is not rounded, is sharp everywhere, on the spyder hole this thing bothers your finger. Good only for the sparks on the ferro rod, but terrible for an edc. Seem like it wasn’t refined as well as the USA one’s, and moreover it costs a little bit more than the USA ones. Did you notice the same thing Chris? Your amalgam is sharp on the spyder hole?

  3. I think a lot of people forget that americans arent the only ones buying knives. Buying american made knives for me means supporting foreign business anyways so i care more about how the knife is built rather than where it’s built. I’m not paying double or triple the price just for a “Made in the USA” stamp on a blade

  4. Nice review Chris! I love a good non biased review from a knowledgeable person that ISN’T a folding knife snob!!

    So many other youtube reviewers say the same thing that Shabazz(I love him) or other tops guys state in their videos. Having someone like you share an honest opinion on a product without worrying about the knife community thinks is priceless. I loved how you touched on the hypocrisy that knife lovers /snobs exude about “foreign ” manufacturers. …great job.

    Brian Lai killed it on this Amalgam. it.

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