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Stuck in a Bunker 5X5 Questions Tag Series ~Entertainment Edition~

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If SHTF and you were stuck in a bunker (or your house) and couldn’t leave for an extended period of time; What would you take if you could only grab 5 of each thing?

This edition focuses on things to keep yourself entertained.

1. What 5 TV series/shows would you take
2. What 5 board games would you take
3. What 5 Artists/Bands music collection would you take
4. What 5 Movies/collections would you take
5. What 5 Books/Author collections would you take

My Answers
1. Scrubs, Sons of Anarchy, House M.D., Seinfeld and MacGyver
2. Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Clue and Battleship
3. Korn, Metallica, Green Day, Seether and AC/DC
4. Lonesome Dove, Jeremiah Johnson, Gone in 60 Seconds, Die Hard collection and George Carlin HBO Specials collection
5. Henry David Thoreau (Civil Disobedience essay/Walden), Anarchist Cookbook, The Unabomber Manifesto, Walt Whitman (Leaves of Grass) and Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken)

Channels Tagged

EDC with Aaron-

Bearded Seabee 82-

Gerret Outdoors-

Nichole lakeerieprepper-

JP Living Bearded-

Kindle books mentioned in this video
The Complete Works of Henry David Thoreau

The Corrected and Updated Anarchist Cookbook-
(This is not the original version written by William Powell)

The Unabomber Manifesto-

The Complete Walt Whitman

Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken and Other Poems-

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8 thoughts on “Stuck in a Bunker 5X5 Questions Tag Series ~Entertainment Edition~

  1. Great video and choice of tags , i had to agree on many of your choices look forward to the other channels answers !
    take care brother have a nice weekend !
    atb john

  2. Nice picks! I was impressed with your choices… And thanks for the tag! Ill get to work making my list!

  3. Monopoly? When “stuck in bunker”? Thats WW3 waitin to happen lolol, good music choices and agree with house and movies. I would have added the hobbit/lord of ring series extended editions lol. Dunno if cooking/methods is yp for dibs at moment half way thru at sec lol

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