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Survival Kit For Your Car – What I Took To The Rocky Mountains

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A survival kit can take many forms. If you are driving in the back country it is important to have an emergency kit with you just in case something goes wrong. Here’s a look at the survival gear I took along for a drive through the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, Colorado.

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12 thoughts on “Survival Kit For Your Car – What I Took To The Rocky Mountains

  1. I will say you can never be over prepared. Especially if you go above the treeline. I was stationed in Colorado when I was in the AirForce. We were constantly warned about going up on the mountains.

  2. Colorado is beautiful, glad you enjoyed it! There are lots of beautiful places, as long as it doesn’t all burn up this year. As for the knives, we have a large population in the cities who don’t understand the importance of a knife or other kit. Hope you can make it back out to Colorado again sometime, hopefully next time we can meet up!

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary Bryan & Mrs. Bryan ! Umm Hmm Brownie Points on the Pony ! Glad ya-s had great weather for the trip Be Well, Friend ! ATB T God Bless

    1. It was perfect weather Terry, thanks. Maybe next time we can come to your neck of the woods. I’ve never been to Canada either

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