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Survival Tip: Don’t be a WIMP!

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Who will survive longest? Wimps? Aggressors, total Dumba$$’s or cool minded people.

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7 thoughts on “Survival Tip: Don’t be a WIMP!

  1. lmfao im shopping preps and i just hear “…bitch to dumbass spectrum…”
    literally laughed out loud lol im an alpha female so it’s just funny lol

  2. With the whole alpha-male bashing heads together thing doesn’t fit into
    SHTF. Your analysis is great but with america flooded with millions of guns
    the bullet is the ultimate equalizer. I feel like many people have a
    combination of these traits. I feel like this is missing “sheep” type,
    people who fail to see out of there bubble and people can’t foresee danger
    at all. ‘blocked third eye”
    Hunger does crazy things to people, in these scenarios I believe numbers
    will reign supreme and not so much individual personalities, with
    populations this massive i think alpha-beta talk goes out the window.,
    who’ever has the biggest horde prevails. I’ve never been the most “powerful
    or ruthless” man, but i prepare with this in mind I’d rather bunker build
    in the face of any danger than charge in foolishly. recognizing your own
    weaknesses is key to survival.

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