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Survivalism, Consumerism, Transhumanism…

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I couldn’t figure out an appropriate title for this video so I decided to add a bunch of ism’s. Survivalism may be a harbinger for societal collapse as it and other escapist practices indulged in the first world may be a sign of the ineptitude of this systems ability to meet the core needs of human beings.

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5 thoughts on “Survivalism, Consumerism, Transhumanism…

  1. Very well thought out and very well said. I have all of these thoughts and feelings bottled up inside me. But I can’t find the words to convey these feelings to others. You just did it for me. Thank you for the all the time and effort that you put into making your videos. You are doing a great justice to humanity. This is the reason all your subbs love your channel. Thank you again for all that you do.

  2. You are correct, I never feel more alive then when I am out in the outdoors/wilderness living and moving as our ancestors did. Great video! We all feel the draw to nature, it is what makes us human.

  3. good job, right on the mark as living daily in our extreme comforts becomes a mind numbing vicious circle creating a torpid meaningless and drifting life

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