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S&W Black Ops M.A.G.I.C. Assist EDC Folding Knife

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Looking for a good EDC knife? The Smith and Wesson SWBLOP4 Black Ops MAGIC Assisted opening knife has some great features and the lightning fast action is smooth as glass. Plus, it is a surprisingly comfortable to use.

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11 thoughts on “S&W Black Ops M.A.G.I.C. Assist EDC Folding Knife

  1. Hey Brian, you should get one of those portable Off! mosquito repellent fans they make, I have one, it works. It’s a little personal size fan that takes a repellent cartridge, you wouldn’t think it works but it does. I stand by that product. It’s not very loud either, has a gentle hum and you hardly notice it when outside.

    You’ll be bug free in your videos. Just thought you’d like to know so you don’t get eaten alive.

  2. Yet another unless folder I’m a 2 year sub but I think u have sold out lately shame I’d trust a Mora pro robust over this

  3. OK Bryan… that S&W is an ongoing part of Schrade Saturdays…….how does S&W compare overall with Schrade?? Afterall, S&W does not have the best reputation with their knives.

    1. +Charles Larson honestly, I think they are the same. The only difference (other than styling) is the name on the knife. At least that is how I see it Charles.

  4. assisted opening vs full auto: on full auto you do not touch the blade in order to deploy it. ie just press a button or slide a lever. i live in sd, where I can carry anything. So I do. good day, eh!

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