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S&W Expandable Baton For Self Defense – Simple and Effective

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Expandable baton, tactical baton, collapsible baton – whatever you call them, they are an effective self defense tool almost anybody can use. Basically, just a modern version of the caveman club. In this video we look at 3 baton options from Smith and Wesson and talk about why I think they are a great idea as a backup or less than lethal weapon.

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15 thoughts on “S&W Expandable Baton For Self Defense – Simple and Effective

  1. yet another self defense device not legal in NY….unfortunately being defenseless is what the state seems to wants law abiding citizens to be. Fortunately they haven’t been able to outlaw walking sticks YET…. Nice video though

  2. How strong are these batons? I have seen some that bent just from striking a 2 liter bottle of water. You did not show them in action.

    1. I did not. I am planning a testing video later but the reality is as long as it is strong enough to whack somebody and allow me to get away, I don’t care if it gets bent. But here are the specs: Tensile Strength of 2653.3 lbf (1203.5 kgf), Bending Strength of 1985.7 lbf (900.7 kgf)

      They also have heat treated models with higher numbers. Abut double. And about twice the weight.

    1. Well if that weapon changes hands then the untrained is on the bad end of the weapon at that point. I’d say spray weapons don’t near training mace or even hear spray to the eyes will give time to flee.

    1. Bear in mind, this is a site on the internet so I cannot vouch for it. I just did a Google search.

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