Tech and Tactical YouTube Channel -Blade Show 2018

It's always cool to meet other YouTubers at Blade Show, so I thought I'd introduce you to a guy I met this year. Sonny runs the Tech and Tactical channel at: Check out his channel and tell him I said hello. Please consider supporting this channel by using this link for all

Condor Knives and Joe Flowers – Blade Show 2018

I couldn't go to Blade Show without talking to Joe Flowers at the Condor Tool and Knife booth. We got one of the very first looks at a knife Joe designed a few years ago that he finally got into production. I think it is gonna be a big hit. Buy

Blade Show 2017: Zombie Tools – Preparedmind101

Zombies smell. They Bite. They are frustratingly annoying. Not known to be suicidal, so you got to help them along a bit. Enter Zombie Tools.... WEBSITE: SPONSOR WEBSITE (Knife Heaven!) SPONSOR WEBSITE: -----

Blade Show 2017: Dark Timber Midtech News – Preparedmind101

It's an age old story... Sheath maker tells Youtuber "Hey, you gotta check this unknown guy out!" Youtuber says "Eh...I don't know if it's my style". Sheath Maker says "DO IT OR ELSE!!!" Youtuber says "OK Fine Geez!". Youtuber gets AWESOME knife and does video. 2 years later the knife

Blade Show 2017 – Old Timer and Uncle Henry Carving Tools

In this noisy video from the 2017 Blade Show, we take a quick look at the Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin' Knife and the Uncle Henry 22UH Deluxe Wood Carving Set. Both are new for 2017 and both are cool. Buy the Uncle Henry Carving Set on Amazon and support the

The710 Kukri Necker: Coming BLADE Show 2017 – J-Listed Preparedmind101

I like unique designs that actually work well. The710 Kukri Necker is one of those knives. Made from Cerakoted 80crv2 steel with micarta scales and a matching custom kydex sheath, this knife will not only help you look good with the ladies, but also slice stuff like nobody's business. THE710 WEBSITE: