Bug Out Roll First Aid Trauma Truck Kit

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An Apology: Bug Out Roll Organizer

*UPDATE!!! Since making this video I got word that production is going full tilt tomorrow with some new employees! The universe is good, ask and yee shall receive! _________________________________________________________ We have ran into some unexpected problems manufacturing the roll, the good news is quality rolls are being produced but there are delays

NEW! Bugout Roll Color Options! Modular Gear Organizer

ALREADY ORDERED ONE? DONT WORRY YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOR!!! SEND ME A PM @ bugoutroll@hotmail.com Send me name and order number and I will be sure your roll comes in the color theme of your choice. CHOICES ARE: -Tactical Black -First Aid Red -Olive Drab -Forest Camo Get a Bug Out Roll Modular System HERE: (10%

Ultimate Gear Organizer- Bug Out Roll: Now Available!

PRICES ON WEBSITE ARE CURRENTLY IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, SUBTRACT APPROX 33% FOR THE PRICE IN USD. SO 130$ in CAD = 100 USD subtract 10% Discount and its around 90$ USD through promotional period of April. Get 10% of throughout the month of April by adding the code: canadianprepper ...at checkout! (Click the

Bug Out Roll Gear Organizer 2017/ AVAILABLE SOON!

This is the final video about the bug out roll organizer that I will release before the crowdfunding campaign which will go live in the next couple weeks. For more info on the roll see past videos here: Modular Survival Gear Roll: Stay organized in the field Survival Roll/ Gear Organizer After the