How To Carry A Canoe On A Truck Without A Roof Rack

Here's how to carry a canoe on a truck without a roof rack. It also works to carry a canoe on a car. Here are Amazon links to several options: The exact kit I have (most expensive one): And a couple of other versions (both have only one strap): Old Town Canoes:

Canoe Camping Tips and Gear – Okefenokee Swamp Canoe Trip

My Boy Scout Troop went canoe camping in the Okefenokee Swamp in March. Here are some general canoeing and kayaking tips and a look at the specific gear I used on the trip. All the gear I used can be found at the links below (some of them support this

Bark River Canoe Knife with Blue Mountain Bushcraft And Outdoors

Guest Review on the Bark River Canoe Knife with Mike Travis (Link Below) of Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors...on a canoe trip. CHANNEL LINK: BUY LINKS: DLT TRADING: KNIVESSHIPFREE: BARK RIVER: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: RAMBLING’S OF A PREPARED MIND CHANNEL: BUY A JESS-X: PM101 Morale