Educating Wranglestar on Silky Saws: Katanaboy Vs. Bucksaw

Ichiban samurai saws are not full tang, are not chrome plated and have much less variety. The only fair comparison to a 4 foot bucksaw is a Katanaboy 1000 even though the 500 beat it! Get a Katanaboy 650 here (freeshipping to USA/ CANADA) price in canadian dollars Get the best prices

Katanaboy 1000: Worlds Fastest, Largest, Sharpest Hand SAW

I do an EXCLUSIVE review of the Katanaboy 1000mm. It is currently not yet being sold, but MAY be available in the future. Silky is reknown for making the FINEST saws in the world. This is the ultimate saw for homesteaders and avid outdoorsman, preppers, survivalists, for at the cabin,