HAWG Holsters FAQ – Concealed Carry Everyday

I sat down with HAWG Holsters owner John Abbott to talk about how we met, his company philosophy and some of the details that make HAWG Holsters the best concealed carry holster I have ever used. Get your HAWG Holster and gear here: Save 10% and get FREE shipping on all

HAWG Holsters P-TAP Trigger Guard – Gun Safety That Works

The P-TAP (Pistol Trigger Action Protector) from Hawg Holsters is a gun safety device that helps prevent accidental or negligent discharges by snapping securely over the trigger guard. A quick tug on the attached cord leaves your pistol ready to fire. Great for the nightstand, for pocket carry or purse

Top 5 Favorite Gear I’ve Reviewed

In the last 5 years I’ve reviewed a LOT of gear. In this video we take a look at 5 items I’ve reviewed and wouldn’t want to live without now. Hawg Holsters: Review Video: Get yours at Use the coupon code SURVIVALONPURPOSE to save 10% Heel That Pain: Review Video: Get yours at Hennessey

Snap-On Pliers Custom Kydex Holster

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My Wife’s New Hawg Holster For Her Glock 43 – CCW For Women

Hawg Holsters has added some cool color options for their Puller IWB kydex holster, featuring the Ulticlip. My wife thinks it adds a little style to a concealed carry holster for women. They also have some other great CCW products like a pocket magazine carrier and a trigger guard for