The MSK-1: Discussing The Objections – Preparedmind101

Everyone knows this knife. It is hotly debated and could trigger an old lady in church. I break down the biggest arguments and give my honest opinions... LINK: PM01 AFFILIATES (Links Support The Channel): DLT Trading: (NEW!) The Knife Connection: BladeHQ: Knivesshipfree: Amazon Store: Fenix Store: THRIVE LIFE (Freeze Dried Foods): PM101

Survival Kit For Your Car – What I Took To The Rocky Mountains

A survival kit can take many forms. If you are driving in the back country it is important to have an emergency kit with you just in case something goes wrong. Here’s a look at the survival gear I took along for a drive through the Rocky Mountains west of

William Collins Master Woodsman – Preparedmind101

I like knives that stand out from the rest, and the Master Woodsman from William Collins is one of them. WC YT Channel: Website: SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: KSF: DLT: PM101 Morale Patch: MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: MOTPM GROUP: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

How To Survive In The Wilderness (Wilderness Survival Tips)

Get Your Free Prepping Crash Course... In this video we'll share 4 vital wilderness survival tips will show you how to survive in the wilderness effectively. These survival skills will help you if you ever have to live in the wilderness or find yourself in the woods. For a starters don't assume