Klecker Klax Lumberjack Multi Tool Ax Review

Klecker Klax Lumberjack Multi-Tool Ax! Great item for Survival and everyday. The Klax was included in a BattlBox Mission 37 and was so impressed, I wanted to do a full review. Big thanks to BattlBox for their help! 10% Sootch Discount on your 1st months subscription. Exclusive Weekly Sensible

Fall Bushcraft Adventure.

Join me on a beautiful fall day in the swedish wilderness, where i do some bushcraft and make some delicious bannock and give you guys some news. Enjoy.

Bushcraft – How To Carve In Wood.

In this video i show you how to carve in wood, I'm carving a spoon using an axe, a knife and a spoon knife. Please SHARE and LIKE. Thank you. Tools used in the video: - Wetterlings Axe. - Mora frost knife. - Mora spoon knife (hook knife). - Pencil. - Patience. - Sandpaper. Facebook: Music: