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The #1 Tip for Surviving Federal Prison!

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What is the # 1 survival tip for prison, find out here!

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7 thoughts on “The #1 Tip for Surviving Federal Prison!

  1. Blend in as much as possible and never, NEVER let anyone disrespect you. Not in the least. Soon as one guy does it the wolves will close in. Also, show respect as well. A wise man once wrote about prison “talk isn’t cheap here, bleed out in payment”. Hold your tongue. Stay out of gangs. Don’t gamble. Don’t borrow anything and don’t lend anything. Don’t have too much either. If you’ve got wall to wall commissary and you’re not clicked up I’ve seen dudes robbed blind.

    I did 7 years in the TN state prison system. Listen to this guy. He knows what he’s saying.

  2. From my experiences: Stick with your own color; don’t join a gang; never snitch (don’t let your morality betray you); don’t get tattoos; don’t get into debt (that means no gambling or drugs); never except a gift (it has strings attached); NEVER associate with a mo; never let any one get away with calling you a bitch (doesn’t matter if you win, a showing of heart goes a long ways towards being respected); DON’T ACT LIKE A VICTIM

  3. Grey man doesn’t work for me. For some reason people notice me. Idk why, guess cuz I’m weird. However, being both smart and cool did work for me and I was well accepted. Just mind your own biz, never pry into other folks biz.

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