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The Best Place to be when SHTF: Prepping Poll

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What is the best place to be when the SHTF? Take the poll and lets talk about it!

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7 thoughts on “The Best Place to be when SHTF: Prepping Poll

  1. That Pocketboy is going to be purchased for one of my kits ASAP! Can’t wait to see my favorite guy All American Prepper!!! These polls offer a great insight on the over pulse of the prepper community & bloom wonderful content for discussion… keep them coming.

  2. As for nutrition and MSG, etc. I can say we had to live off our prepper food for a couple weeks when our fridge died and we were in the process of getting a new one. It sucked! We live in the mountains and so not near fast food, restaurants, or stores. So we ate 2 weeks of our prepper food.
    Which was canned veggies, meats and beans. Or box dinner foods you can pop in the microwave.

    That food has low nutritional value and after a couple days you really started to feel it!! We felt like crap, we still felt a sort of hunger (more like an empty dissatisfied feeling, not really hunger) because our bodies were not being nourished like we are used to.

    We typically eat fairly healthy… lots of fresh foods, we have a garden, but this happened during the winter so no access to fresh veggies. I learned a good lesson from this experience… it all looks well and good sitting in their cans and jars and boxes, but when you eat this as the ONLY source of food it’s not so good.

    You feel it.. it runs you down and you feel like total garbage and in a high stress scenario that is gonna suck even worse! I am looking into foods that still have high density nutrition.. I actually am going to look into foods like Thrive.

    The foods that will matter most will be ones that pack the most nutrients… and also *energy* like healthy fats and sugars… not overly processed fats or sugars, but as natural as you can get through foods like healthy pastas, rice and fruits and honey… and animals and oils.

    I do not really have solid answers, but just sharing my experience living off that food for more than a few days. By day 3 of eating like that 24/7 it really sucked. I’m sure because we do eat healthier that played a part in why we felt such a dramatic change. Just food for thought. Pun intended.

  3. Here’s a question for you I guarantee no one has ever thought of nor contemplated. The nature community has figured out and designated  most animals required amount of territory in order to self sustain. I wonder how much land each human would require in varying environments in order to self sustain on the natural environment? Wild life and natural foliage. When SHTF everyone thinks they’re going to the mountains, There is only so much space in the mountains. I listened to a fellow speak about a foreign situation once, I forget where it was, but it was a city. He said when the war hit and commerce stopped, the people ate everything in the city in two weeks, then left and went to the country side. They ate everything in the country side, frogs, birds, everything. Since they didn’t know how to survive in the wilderness they returned to what they know, the city. He said within two weeks of the people returning to the city, cannibalism started. Once everyone hordes into the mountains, they will be destroyed/depleted there soon after. I’m going into the swamp, many slaves escaped and hid in swamps. because no-one would go there. Great book, “Peterson’s Field Guide to Wild Edible Plants”.

  4. I’d take the castle in the Canadian boreal forest. I’d have many chords of lumber, and heat it with not only many hearths but also a hypocaust system ().
    Not to mention I’d get to say _”Winter Is Coming”_ all the time and be right 3/4ths of the time.

  5. Good poll/video sir.
    At 11:49 you answered my previous question pertaining to if you would talk about nuclear facilities
    shutdown in your EMP video to come: CANT wait for it!
    (the shotgun loading sound was funny đŸ˜‰

  6. Could it be a steel sailing boat? sailing from island to island in the Pacific,,, and perhaps building small bunker in one island? there are no hurricanes near the equator islands.

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