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The Best Prepper Resource

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Survival Dispatch Insider and Big Daddy Unlimited are two excellent resources for Prepping and Survival. Get comprehensive info on Prepping and Survival plus discount prices on all your gear.

Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper videos on Survival Dispatch Insider:

Use /sootch00 at the end of Big Daddy Unlimited Web address.

Be a Team Sootch Minuteman:

Sootch00 Gear available at:

Thanks For Watching, Liking & Subscribing! ~ Sootch00

Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Prepper Resource

  1. Yes Sir, and my father always told me was, Always be prepared. Also knowledge is power. Thanks for the knowledge Sootch00 and long live the republic bro.

  2. Sootch, have you ever thought about having a Discord group? It’s like an internet chat room. Alot of youtubers are making them for fans. It’d be a nice place for 2A loving prepper fans to hang out and discuss gear and deals. Ask one of your tech savvy pals about Discord.

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