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The Bonfire by Solo Stove: Best Gear of 2017

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I review an item that I think is top notch, not so much for prepping and survival but for recreational purposes.

Solo Stove has is currently offering 10% off, the price quoted in video was in USD.

If in the USA

Here is a link for Canadians (works out the same in USD) coupon code is ‘Canada’


Get some here

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7 thoughts on “The Bonfire by Solo Stove: Best Gear of 2017

  1. Does anyone think this can also be used as a burn barrel?… I can see that trash is going to be a problem in a shtf situation and I haven’t figured out a desirable solution yet… Granny

  2. Hey CP, another great review. Awsome products I’m thinking of having a bonfire on my terrace with that. By the way – what camera do you use to record your videos, if you don’t mind sharing?

  3. Could still be used in your back yard to cook during a power outage.
    Looks like a pretty slick design.

  4. I’ve had the Solo Campfire for two years now. It is an amazing unit. I cook off it, boil water for dishes, when it gets up to temp, it is mesmerizing to watch. Well designed. I cook with my smaller cast iron 3 quart dutch oven on it during summer. Cast iron frying pans sit nice on it. All with twigs and branches. I’ve experimented with wood pellets and they burn nice as well. And on sale for $5 a bag a cheap way of cooking, if you didn’t want to hunt for twigs

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