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The Dystopian Future of Youtube: TheirTube

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Time to put on the tinfoil hat and channel the mothership! Lets get conspiratorial for a second here… Some filler video for you today as I move through numerous projects. Its important to talk about the future of youtube and what it means for small time video creators.

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8 thoughts on “The Dystopian Future of Youtube: TheirTube

  1. I have not watched all just till 04:28 but I think what it is to get the views and subs you need to put out popular content right now I do feel a lot of the popular thing is political things because of what hapend in America and other gameing/vloging crap is because thats what most people want to see most people think preppers are dumb or crazy people my mom thinks it is crazy to do this to your extent she thinks just a few bottles of water and some canned food will be good…. so to be popular on youtube you need to post what people want not what you want

  2. I was wondering how this was substantiated ..and you nailed it ….to that  point….. it is rigged if I can use that word …..But is this not the same as a controlled marketing agenda ? I mean it seems to me that if a person making a u tube channel will only succeed if the contents of the video and of course the individual  fit the narrative based on the UTUBE GODS …I don,t know …seems extremely rigged to me how on person,s channel gets only a few thousand hits ( but is very informative and fact based  ie your channel ) and then you have another channel which contents are never backed by facts  or true science and their channel gets thousands of hits

  3. But isn’t Pewdie Pie very controversial? With some Hitler references, etc.. ?? or is that new for him?
    This is good info. I appreciate it.

    I’ve noticed that about the Trending feed.. and I ask, ‘wow is this the crap people are interested in? – Sad”. Never thought it was intentional…

  4. I can only thank YouTube for ‘accidently’ leading me to your channel.  This “informationalest” is great.  I would miss it were it to go-a-way.    If you are “Pelosi” and talk forever and say nothing intelligent then you are hit listed.   If you are this channel, you only get minor noted.  Intelligent gets ignored, dumb down and get listed.   I prefer the intelligent like yours, than the stupid rocks that can not even grow moss.

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