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The Hands Down #1 EDC/ Bug Out Bag Flashlight/ Olight H1R Nova Headlamp

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The Olight H1R Nova is the most versatile, portable, powerful light I have ever used. It doesn’t put out the most lumens, but it is by far the most practical. All American Prepper won’t agree, but its by far the most all around useful light you can purchase.

Get one here if in the USA!!!

If in Canada get it here

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14 thoughts on “The Hands Down #1 EDC/ Bug Out Bag Flashlight/ Olight H1R Nova Headlamp

  1. I’ve been carrying an Olight S10R Baton for about a year now and am entirely impressed. Haven’t once even though about replacing it. Really digging on this Nova H1R though. What a cool light! The fact that it can be easily used as a headlight is huge.

    1. Potted electronics are good no doubt! Elzetta makes great stuff, if I could have one in this form factor I would be laughing.

  2. US $ 68 + taxes +duty + shipping makes about Can$ 120.
    A Petzl headlamp for $ 20 from Crappy Tire serves the same purpose.
    That’s how I see it, anyway.

    1. Petzl is actually a good brand, you will likely get an energizer headlamp with that that runs on 3 AAA batteries, wont achieve 1/3 the lumen output, and is strictly a headlamp not a versatile light like this, with much less warranty, and be much bigger. 90$ from

  3. good video, I love olight flashlights, just bought the S1R baton and I’m very pleased. love your great reviews, keep it up.

  4. it’s a good light…been looking at it…but a bit pricey…found this light…same configuration, bit larger,higher lumens, takes 18650, CR123s and RCR123s. Not a fan of the CR123s as mAh is so low…compared to an 18650…ipx-8, and about half the price.

    1. I wouldn’t call it a “none” name brand…it’s just not a well known brand in North America. Olight and Thrunite weren’t well know til a few years ago either….

    2. actually….anything I’ve bought from gearbest that I had trouble with….they told me to just keep…and sent me a new one….the one flashlight that I had trouble with….they sent me a new one….then when that one didn’t work….the refunded my money, never asking me to send the product back to them……most stuff that is free shipping usually takes a month…but for a couple extra dollars…you can get it in 15 to 20 days…I’m not saying everything is high quality coming from the website….but they do have lots of quality stuff and good customer service…though the language barrier does slow it a bit…it’s not the 1980’s….when the only thing coming out of china was garbage…they tend to make everything these days….and because they make a ton of products for american companies…the quality has gone up on a lot of chinese company products… I’m canadian like you and have no affiliation with gearbest besides shopping on the site…

    3. I was going for portability here so am not put off by the CR123, glad you found something decent at gearbest, unfortunately as its a non name brand I question the warranty, I know that gearbest shipping takes forever so I imagine that there returns are far worse!

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