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The INSANE Evolution of Flashlights 1899 – 2016

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How much more powerful is a 2016 flashlight compared to the first invented in 1899? Check out this video to find out!

Future of Batteries article (this may DRASTICALLY increase flashlight power exponentially more than it is now!)

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8 thoughts on “The INSANE Evolution of Flashlights 1899 – 2016

  1. Powerful “CREE FLASHLIGHTS” are always available on line at eBay where they
    sell for around $8 to $12 including shipping, one or two batteries and a
    battery charger. The 2000 lumen version is plenty powerful and will shine
    for a mile.
    I have collected two dozen of these over time and plenty of #18650
    batteries and chargers as well thinking these will make pretty trade-able
    items during a SHTF scenario since everyone will need a decent flashlight.
    Just search cree flashlights that use the T-6 LED for the brightest.
    These flashlights have electronic circuitry and should be stored in an EMP
    proof Faraday container of some type just in case.

  2. Excellent video brother!!! I don’t know how you put all the clips together
    and make it flow, but freaking excellent… Where do you find your video
    clips and pictures? Do you get hit with copy right stuff if you use the
    wrong ones? Awesome video my friend, entertaining.

  3. Good comparison. I would have liked to see also comparison to those
    incandescent bulb flashlights of more modern times. When i was in the armed
    forces we were still issued those and thats not like hugely long ago. Makes
    you appreciate modern technology.

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