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The Most Practical Prepping Investment

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A must have preparedness item!

Get a Berky system through links below

Porta Berky (tiny) (1 Quart)

Travel Berky (small) 1.5 Gallon

Big Berky (Medium) 2.25 Gallon

Royal Berkey (Large) 3 Gallon

Imperial Berkey (Extra Large) 4.5 Gallons

Crown Berkey (Supersized!) (6 Gallons)

Berkey Light (2.75 Gallons but made of plastic)

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8 thoughts on “The Most Practical Prepping Investment

  1. I love my Berkey. I keep it at the BOL. Something to consider though. My camp is in the upper Appalachian Mountains of NY. So I take the upper section that contain the filters  home during the winter months. It travels in it’s own dedicated back pack. Even though my camp remains heated year round, I do lower the thermostat quite a bit when I’m gone. Just enough to protect the pipes and contents of the camp. The reason I do so is, if those filters freeze, they are ruined. So don’t let em’ freeze!

  2. Those filters look mysteriously like popsicles. Just because you’re some kind of handsome tough-guy doesn’t mean we’ll pay 50 bucks for a popsicle.

  3. We’ve had our Berkey Royal for over 8 years (used for 5 years with fluoride filters in Grande Prairie AB) and just put in second set of filters this past fall. I live in a remote community on BCs west coast with some of the cleanest drinking water, but if something ever happens, a 10 min walk to a lake then run it through the Berkley. No worries. I have a 100% confidence in this product.

  4. I am counting on my well! Got my hand pump that will fill the pressure tank. Hope I dont have to bug out, less prepared for that. Only have half ass ideas for being on the move. I am banking on my ability to adapt to the situation if I need to flee! Otherwise I am staying put.

  5. I have an Aquarain, its close to the same thing, works great, been filtering water for ages with it. Good advice and a great product.

  6. Personally a vital buy for me, I got a big Berkey with extra filters since I planned to support another family I trust that doesn’t have the same resources I do.

    1. Kerris L Ravenhill, If you don’t have a group before an emergency ,you WILL after…. smart to be prepped.

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