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The Most Useful Prepping Item I Own

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7 thoughts on “The Most Useful Prepping Item I Own

  1. Nice unit.. I have a smaller one I carry in my quad because my bike doesn’t have a pull start as a back-up.. Nice for charging cell phones and such too

  2. I have one of those. Mine has two 12v and two AC ports but the built in light sucks and the air compressor isnt the greatest but it works and ive inflated several tires with it. It jumps my big ford V8 just fine. Definitely a crucial prep for any car or truck

  3. I had something similar years ago. One of those and a can of fix a flat is your best friend when driving. Trust me. A $400 tow bill compared to $40? Yeah….

  4. I do you make knife sheath for sale if so do you make horizontal sheath for clip point 10 inch blade I can give you width if you need it

  5. Vary interesting i was looking at that same charger… I think my most useful prepping item are my led lanterns, and oil lamps. Light is everything at night, but that charger is vary cool.
    Check out my GAW right now love to have you enter, even if you pay it forward!! A shout out from you would be awesome!!! Cheer mu friend

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