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The Most Versatile Holster Clip Yet – UltiClip XL

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The new UltiClip XL holster clip is pure genius! It allows you to securely carry a pistol or knife either IWB or OWB (inside or outside the waistband) without removing your belt. It also works on a tactical vest or any other MOLLE or PALS compatible gear.

The ULtiClip XL is brand new so availability is just ramping up.
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14 thoughts on “The Most Versatile Holster Clip Yet – UltiClip XL

  1. Great vid as always. Your wood is leaving today Brian so keep an eye out. Also 2 things I want to tell you and anyone else interested in fatwood that totally contradicts everything you thought you knew about fatwood. First is that there were 40ft tress that were solid great fatwood. Even the very tops . Just wait till you see the quality. I dont think you have ebver seen better. I pride myself in finding the best. Also this tree was fatwood before it died and was cut. Most people think fatwood is formed after a tree dies and thats just not true every time. Just a couple fun facts about fatwood

  2. i chalenge you to make a shelter and sleeping system that costs less than $20 and weighs less than 5lbs call it the 25 chalenge. if you accept challenge another youtuber to do the same.

  3. Yep, I need these in my life. Gone are the days where I use two different holsters with different clips for pants and basketball shorts. They knocked it out of the park.

  4. Gonna have to get these when they come out. Love the regular ulticlip, and my wife uses them on her holster, but I really prefer belt carry. Very awesome product from them!

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