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The “Pipit” – Hand Forged EDC/Bushcraft Knife Review

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Made by Jinja Ninja Outdoors, the “Pipit” is a phenomenal little companion/EDC blade that I wanted to share with you guys. Be sure to check out the full article here! (Coming soon)

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12 thoughts on “The “Pipit” – Hand Forged EDC/Bushcraft Knife Review

  1. Good deal on the knife, it’s really neat to see metal manipulated into
    something like that tool. Lots of processes, always fun to learn about.
    Great review and thumbs up!

  2. great video sir I like the fact you have a custom expensive knife and your
    not scared to beat on it a little great job

    1. Believe me brother. It wasn’t easy lol. It’s such a beautiful blade, but
      even after all this it cleaned up just as good as new. Thanks for watching

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