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The “Raptor” Combatives Knife – First Look (PROTOTYPE) – MASK Tactical

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This is the first official look at our new “Raptor” combatives knife. Not currently for sale as we are still making modifications to the design. Once they’re finished we will put them up in the MASK Tactical official Armory.

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14 thoughts on “The “Raptor” Combatives Knife – First Look (PROTOTYPE) – MASK Tactical

  1. what is the sheath called you have on the front of your belt on Facebook?
    it looks comfortable and what types of blades can fit in it? I’m deffinetly
    going to purchase this blade you just shown. I love it dude.

    1. +Daniel Baker it’s just the prototype but pretty much official. It’s made
      specifically for this blade. They will come with this knife when we launch
      them for sale. Hoping to launch before the end of the year. Thanks man!

  2. Very interested in one of these.
    This is the first knife I’ve seen that I even considered replacing my
    trusted BK-11 with.

  3. I dig the knife, what kind of steel is it! it would also be cool to see a
    video of it being hand forged. cool design man

  4. Awesome to see the blade in action. First time I’ve seen a demo of how that
    design is used, pretty slick!

  5. I absolutely love the design mods to the choil! When you pulled the updated
    version out of your pocket I knew you were moving in the right direction!
    Excellent work Ian.

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