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The Top 7 Key Chain Flashlights

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The Top Key Chain Flashlights. We look at 7 different key chain lights from simple to highly sophisticated. Light is your number 1 Security Tool! Big thanks to Going Gear!

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8 thoughts on “The Top 7 Key Chain Flashlights

  1. Sootch, the nitecore tube has variable brightness. U press once switch it on the lowest then press and hold the button. It will go thru the brightness like a variable rotary ring frm 1-45 and u let go to pick the brightness u want!

  2. I think the Nitecore Tube (black) water rating is very low. Mine’s been through the wash (not intentionally) three times now and still works like new.

  3. what you have missed to mention with plastic Nitecore Tube that the brightness can be adjusted all between 1 to 45 lumens. With the light turned on you press and hold the switch and you can choose whatever brightness you like.

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