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The Ultimate Prepping & Survival Checklist

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It’s extremely important that every prepper has a survival checklist so that they know well in advance all of the things that they will need and require should disaster strike. Your prepping checklist should include things like:

Documents: Even when society crumbles you should still have enough documents on you to prove who you are. These include things like a birth certificate,

Food Checklist: When it comes to food make sure that you get items that you can keep for a long time without spoiling. This includes things like bean, dried corn grain, pastas, nuts etc.

Clothes: Make sure to prepare clothes that can keep you warm in even the harshest of environments.

Medications: Be sure to prepare any medications that you need because it can become extremely hard to find in a survival situation.

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Prepping & Survival Checklist

  1. digtial copys of your stuff would not be aceppeted at all trust me it
    happened to my parents!

    all that food is going to add some weight and no one is going to want to
    carry say 15 pounds of food plus there gear, its not realistic

  2. I have spent months studying survival and discovered an awesome website at
    Survivor Crusher System (google it if you’re interested)

  3. I am not a prepper, but if i was (this is a fairly long post soz but theres
    a lot to say) I would not choose the obvious places or methods to keep
    myself safe.

    1. I figure in a shtf scenario a bow or crossbow where i can find a hazel
    tree to replace bolts, and can retrieve clean bolts from killed deer etc
    will serve me better than a firearm.
    2. A motorbike or even cycle is not going to get caught in gridlock by
    panic drivers and abandoned vehicles.
    3. I would buy land with lots of other preppers, especially land with a
    giant lake, the type of land with little value, or swamp land etc.
    4. I would have everyone in the group learn to scuba dive.
    5. I would then build an underground bio-sphere over the years with help of
    the other preppers.

    With the entrance under deep water, even if people see you, they cant get
    to you, 99% of people cant scuba dive, and 99% of people will not think of
    a lake as where to go in a shtf scenario or that a base will be hidden
    under it.
    Being with so much natural water – its a natural place to stock with lots
    and lots of fish = fresh food. Choose the right lake with a river feed,
    and you got yourself the ability to add a hydro-electic power system.

    In the meantime it will pay for itself – you can charge people to fish –
    and make sure your lake is stocked full. take fish and other food to help
    cover the costs of the extensive building works your certainly going to be
    Use the produce from the biosphere to increase its ability etc
    Also learn vital skills such as how to make penicillin. so your biosphere
    should open into a lab. Even have an underground hydroponics farm and

    My base when i design it for people will hold 1000 people, cost a small
    fortune to make, but that is divided by 1000 people, maintained and some of
    the costs are returned during times its not needed etc. Such as you can all
    eat surplus, fishing as said, beef, lamb, pork, chicken bbq’s for visitors
    etc. All the time expanding the base and supplying it with vital things
    like beds etc.
    Some of your “prep” friends should be doctors and engineers, mechanics,
    electricians, plumbers etc, all the skills to build the thing, and all the
    skills to maintain it. It does not need defending no one uninvited is
    going to swim down and get in.

    The grass you grow around the lake is kept short etc. This is turned into
    stored animal feed. (it has a 3 year lifespan, so feed your animals like a
    normal farm and SELL the rest. )

    To get goods in you will have made a watertight elevator, hand cranked. it
    should be strong and big enough for a bull elephant. (the biggest thing you
    will drag down or up is a cow)

    Done correctly you wont just survive your actually going to thrive.
    1000 preppers each paying 5000 = 5m to build and buy your lake base.
    Selling produce will add more funds to keep improving it. Unlike any other
    base type, my base design is fully protected by natural defences, and all
    the food/air etc is 100% fresh and good. Food types are varied enough to
    prevent things like gout etc. And because its sustainable there is no risk
    of expiry.

    1. +jacozard i actually like the voice over bit, its a lot better than
      listening to some guy or gal stutter and say “um, um, well u know, um” that
      shit IRRITATES the piss out of me

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