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The Varusteleka Terava Puukko – Viewer Request

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Several people suggested I check out the Terava Puukko (Terävä Jääkäripuukko) from Varusteleka in Finland as a good all around bushcraft or survival knife. So, let’s see how well it does that “knife stuff” and if it is balanced.

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7 thoughts on “The Varusteleka Terava Puukko – Viewer Request

  1. I’d love to have a pukka someday. Always does great on tests. I’ve got a camillus bushcrafter. Simple but effective knife. Only modification i did was I added a sharpening choil. I’d like to lend it to you to review and beat the tar out of it to see if it would hold up. If it doesnt, then no need to send it back. Lol. I will wait for your reply. I think this is your kind of knife, even though you have a soft spot for bigger blades.

  2. That is one heck of a knife for such reasonable money, may be one of the best buys out there for a camp do all knife. Thanks Bryan for the great job of showing us the goods. I know that baby will rotate like crazy once it leaves your hand and will stick so good.

  3. I like the knife… going to buy it. If I can avoid a divorce if I do… I have like 20 knives… I’m close to the line… have to be cautious.

  4. Brian, I am always grateful for your input. Try also the Terävä Skrama!! Especially if the sheath is on stock….. Since I have been using the longer version (140 mm) in stainless steel, I totally agree, it is a quality knife – shame they don’t print their name on every knife :-). Because you lead me to their website, I saw the big chopper Terävä Skrama is on sale AND (that is unusual) the black leathersheath I was able to order also with one payment, one shipping fee!!!! Thank for that timely video. Unfortunately my phone didn’t work with the site therefore I used my MacBook, but without going through your linksystem, sorry for that.

  5. There is a picture on their website showing a “naked” blade:
    I got the 140 version and a Skrama, which is the Unicorn of fixed blades as it absolutely nails the impossible sweet spot between a knife and a hatchet. Just be extra careful when sharpening the Skrama as it has two different grind angles along the edge.

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing the Jaakaripuukko this knife deserves much more attention from YouTube channels

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