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The710 Kukri Necker: Coming BLADE Show 2017 – J-Listed Preparedmind101

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I like unique designs that actually work well. The710 Kukri Necker is one of those knives. Made from Cerakoted 80crv2 steel with micarta scales and a matching custom kydex sheath, this knife will not only help you look good with the ladies, but also slice stuff like nobody’s business.


The Cerakote Source:




PM101 Morale Patch:

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Jessmuk/Bushbat Dealers:









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13 thoughts on “The710 Kukri Necker: Coming BLADE Show 2017 – J-Listed Preparedmind101

  1. Interesting. I thought it was pretty obvious but I see a lot of people don’t get it, or just don’t understand re: the price.

    First: To each his own whether or not it’s worth it to them. But let’s analyze…

    This is a VERY small maker. Primary output is sheaths. When you can buy materials in bulk like say, Mike Stewart from Bark River can, you actually pay less.

    So just off the top of my head, you have the following line items:

    Cost of steel
    Cost of having blanks water-jetted
    Cost of grinding materials/equipment
    Cost of heat treat (not sure if he does or if someone else does)
    Cost of micarta
    Cost of third party making handles
    Cost of shipping to cerakoter
    Cost of laser etching
    Cost of custom KYDEX SHEATH
    Time and Labor/assembly/finishing.
    Cost of whatever I’m not thinking of.
    It’s a lot of steps for Small outfit. But in the end, the result is a well made knife, that is all great materials. And the guy STILL has to make a profit after all that, other wise, what’s the point?

    Stuff like this isn’t something every person is expected to like, afford, or need. But there are some people that will love it.

    Go to BLADE SHOW one day. You’ll have a better appreciation of what goes into a knife from a small maker and what is actually expensive.

    He could drop the cerekote, give it a plain ugly sheath, etc etc and drop the price. But then it wouldn’t be this knife.

    Perfectly fine if you think it’s too expensive for YOU with your wants and needs. That doesn’t mean the price isn’t justified.

    1. I love that knife. I just can’t justify the price given my personal situation. Maybe once he is off the ground there will be more options for the knife. I can only hope.

    2. I agree , If want to capture the market then you must start with running item with some real “USAGES ”
      style budget friendly ,catchy knife . People compare your product with other with all aspect . I respect small knife makers but starting with ‘combo” design is not a good idea

    3. id buy a car for 6 million if it was one out of 60 or so but first I’d need to find a bank to loan me that money. lol

    4. If a business model isn’t feasible, the business should change what they’re trying to do.
      If I start a car company, I’d have to charge $6 million per car because lists of things I need that major car companies already have.
      I understand the price, and wish this company well. It’s an attractive knife, and I’m sure the quality is there. That being said, it’s far too expensive in my opinion.

    5. Also…. lol…. don’t get hung up on the word “kukri”. That’s because it looks like a kukri. It’s not intended to be USED like a kukri! ?

  2. Not my cup of tea….. because I don’t care much for neckers. However, PRICE…. if it sells then good, but if does not sell… well, then it costs too much. It is only worth what people are willing to pay. Time will tell.

  3. I was out even before I saw the price. I wouldn’t pay $10 for it. To me it looks gimmicky, but then all my taste is in my mouth. Thanks for the review I’m sure there will be a lot out there who will love it, but not me though.

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