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This Will Crush Your Survival Delusions…

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This is a discussion not many people want to have because it seems self-evident to preppers but nothing is that simple.

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7 thoughts on “This Will Crush Your Survival Delusions…

  1. Some of the arguments you use really don’t seem so bad to me. I have a head full of survival knowledge no kids and if someone cuts my throat in my sleep, well shit happens. I could get run over by a car today too. As long as theres a shred of nature and a bit of sunshine i can enjoy i’m good. Maybe i am a sociopath (my friends don’t think so). I’ve seen this documentary about nuclear winter. And in those scenario’s sociapath have the best chances. Being a sociopath doesn’t make me a criminal i just don’t like people much because of the shithole they turned this planet into for profit.

  2. The system exists only to protect profits, NOT human (or other) life. You can only rely on yourself and your group.

  3. One better have enough supply to survive first year until civil rest and use of 1900 centry methods can be established. Be adaptable with expectations of change. Threats will vary throughout reestablishment of Law. Stock vitamins in your preps and alot of tootsie roll chocolates.

  4. I hope you read this just to give as an example with no name I remember I lived in Salina Kansas at the point in time where we had a major ice storm. I was left home alone I lived with my grandma who at the time was 60 to 65. So when this ice storm hit it took down trees it took out power across the street there was no power most of the people on my side of the street or hours I should say had power but most of them left. Thinking of just what I needed to do for my grandma being so young not knowing that relatively speaking for me I was in that scenario I was in that WTF scenario I found food and ways I was not old enough to (firearm) 4 days after this ice storm Eileen to my next door neighbor returning his grill top the actual metal piece that you cook on I don’t know the term if there’s a specific one so on so forth I stole a grill top to cook my food on had I known I could have saved up bought it out of done it I could always said hey Grandma teach me how to cook. And she did it say main reason why I’m here I took what most people consider all that’s junk man you need to throw that out the door so I worked under the table 4 a couple things from BUDK I had a BUDK machete for a long time for over 5 years don’t get me wrong it was bent to shit after I was done but I took down trees that were 4in to 6in in diameter down with this thing and something that I would have never in my right mind at the same links around the house taking two I found out the value of a blade and the value of being out in the ice knowing weight not wait, wait in the wrong proportions a heavy handle way too heavy of a head I think even you can take just the actions that you’ve held and put it in a 6 in blade from tip to handle my blade from tip to back was an inch it didn’t need to be sharpened it probably did I just didn’t know at the time but it is what it is and we learn how we learn. But in a three-day scenario not knowing and not being prepared for life is our greatest weakness you’re not going to see anyone from 30 up going out running around you going to see the kids and that WTF scenario I thank you for all that you do I just told you that I don’t receive all notifications please try and make a minor set minor meaning under the age of 18 where you can own your own phone and say yes I’m 18 let me see what’s out there I’m not scared of anyone my age older than me or younger than me considering I’ve been through escenario where you live or you die I was just too young to realize it I think I just came to realize how in-depth in detail that scenario could have been had I not just not had what I had sorry you made me come to the realization of something thank you YouTube counseling session what the fuck LOL

  5. You also have to take him to mind those who are hoping for that scenario just so they can live the longest don’t care about reproducing it’s their life and only their life and I hate to say it it wouldn’t quite surprised me a third more of these people and what we care to admit

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