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Thrive Life Spring Sale Reminder – Great Deals on Freeze Dried Food

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Save up to 50% April 19-23, 2018

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13 thoughts on “Thrive Life Spring Sale Reminder – Great Deals on Freeze Dried Food

  1. So I clicked the link to the site. There were sale prices but nothing approaching 50% on the items I was interested in. I did place an order for ‘pantry’ sized items to try the products, which do look good on paper, so to speak.

    1. Like most promotions, they list the “Up To” discount in their promos, but I did order strawberries at 50% off and blueberries, apples and spinach at 40% off for my family. The #10 family size cans are the best “per serving” prices.

  2. Hi, i live in a city centre and i’m trying to create a complete 1 person bug out kit, that needs to last up to 30 days of on foot travel, so food stuffs would have to be scrambled last minute. I already have a portable electricity generator, flashlights, radio, navigation equipment (compass, maps to destination), Fire starters, gasmasks, basic defense/ food hunting equipment, emergency sanitation and first aid kits…
    To complete all this i think i would need a portable, long life water filter pump and some water treatment product/ pills. Is there anything you’d recommend for these last two or is there anything missing? Budget is 50$

    1. All that stuff on foot? I’d recommend a mule 😉 Seriously, I like the HydroBlu water filter products a lot.

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