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Thrunite TC15 2300L Max/$49 – Pros and Cons? – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “Thrunite TC15 2300L Max/$49 – Pros and Cons? – Preparedmind101

  1. So, Chris, what do you know about the Nextorch E6? Brian on Survival on Purpose reviewed and there was one feature that I thought was interesting. Thanks for this review.

  2. I do not consider a tailcap switch to be synonymous with tactical . . . Most of these lights have terrible user interface methods and are simply too complicated for what they are. Double and triple button presses in rapid succession is ridiculous. Also, why would a “non-tactical” flashlight need a strobe mode? This light, like many others, simply have too many modes to be a useful as a non-tactical flashlight.

  3. Nice review. I love this flashlight, purchased it after seeing Ben’s review (Living Survival, sorry but what is the saying “snooze you lose”). Really great value, compared to what I was going to buy (competitor staring with O). Only thing I wish ThruNite would change is the tail cap, have the lanyard loop built in to the side of the tailcap, not ground into the tailcap, but that is my only beef. The TC15 carries emitter head down (I prefer), almost deep carry but is enough to grab it out of your pocket, and love the fact that I can charge it without taking the battery out, or using some proprietary charger.

  4. wish companies would move to usb type-c charging, but a big thumbs to @thruniteproduct up for micro-usb over ridiculous proprietary charging a la @olightworld. ?

  5. Great light at those turbo lumens. Do you prefer for EDC the M2R Warrior, EC22 infinity rotary dial, or that one?
    Is there a way to tell a gen 1 Jess-X from the ones schrade messed up??
    Ordered and received the terminator liquid metal looking one from Payl it is fantastic. Kydex sheath, sling, and the knife. Wow he does excellent work.

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