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Thrunite TN50 (16,340 lumens): First Impressions/Overview – Preparedmind101

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9 thoughts on “Thrunite TN50 (16,340 lumens): First Impressions/Overview – Preparedmind101

  1. Damn, pm101 I’ve been a sub for a long minute. Wtf is this Fiasco with your Jess-blade ? Im super late to the party!!!! you no longer do business with SHRAD or am I skipping a beat. Just asking, FMI iv been overseas for the past 33months. I’m missing something!?!?

  2. Cool, don’t need it but like seeing it. I think with these pop can lights it would be interesting if you compare night shots of it to likes of a pd35 or an r50 for example (for those of us who have never messed with the super lumen lights) give an idea of comparitave beam and brightness.?

    1. +PREPAREDMIND101 Thanks for the reply Chris. Also, Thanks for the review in the Buck 110 special edition in S35VN. I couldn’t resist, I picked one up and love it. It’s my new EDC. Hope you do a review on the new Marbles Ideal and the Buck 110 Auto. I love your channel and Will’s too, thanks again.

    2. Because I hate SHOT show. I’m going to BLADE this year and possibly the NRA Great American Outdoor Show next month since it’s drivable. Never been to that. SHOT is torture for YouTubers. And is 95% stuff I don’t do.

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