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Tin Cans :12 Survival Hacks/ Uses

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Tin Cans : 12 Survival Hacks/ Uses. Another Installment in the Series of Taking Ordinary Items and using them in a Survival Crisis. “You’ve Got to Improvise to Survive!”

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Tin Cans :12 Survival Hacks/ Uses! I decided to expand the Tin Can Survival Stove video.

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7 thoughts on “Tin Cans :12 Survival Hacks/ Uses

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  2. I usually use window screen for bondo on a vehicle. I might try a can with screws and bondo to fill a 6×8 hole. If you sand the edges, it should work, bondo comes in a spray can now too.Maybe putting the window screen over the can once in place would for sure create form and bondo stick.

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