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Top 5 Guns That Hillary Doesn’t Want You to Have

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In this video we go over the top guns that Hillary would love you get her claws on and pry away from all lawful guns owners in the United States. Stay tuned, much more on the way.


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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Guns That Hillary Doesn’t Want You to Have

  1. Here in Australia, we were ruled by the British like so many countries like
    America, Africa and India. You all fought for your freedom from English
    rule at a great cost in lives and materials. Australia simply asked
    politely and England said yes. We have no need for guns, our police and
    military protect us and more importantly, respect us. The criminals that
    have guns use them on each other. Most crimes or murders are committed by
    perpetrators with a knife or bat. I am so sad for Americans, it sounds like
    a scary place to live.

    1. That’s because you have never been here, its perfectly safe over
      315,000,000 people do about their daily lives without any fear of attack
      and over 100,000,000 gun owners who don’t hurt anyone. When it comes down
      to it, most people who talk shit are jealous.

    1. No it isn’t. Its just very highly regulated and extremely expensive. As in
      $20,000 to $30,000 for an old pre-ban M16.

  2. I request a top 5 Guns that are effective against Creepy Clowns. I watched
    the Zombie video, but I’m not sure what to choose for Creepy Clowns. Much
    thanks and God Bless!

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