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Top 5 Survival Fire Hacks.

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In this video i show you my Top 5 Survival Fire Hacks. I show you how to MAKE FIRE WITH A PEN, and 4 other cool hacks.

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Survival Fire Hacks.

  1. Hi guys, finally a new video. Hope you enjoyed it, please let me know which your favorite hack was. Also remember to leave a LIKE and COMMENT if you want to be in the
    giveaway, or if you just enjoyed the video, haha. /Andree.

    1. Gör en video när du tillagar bröd ute med hjälp av pinnar, en enkel trangiakastrull eller en lätt pajform.

    2. NorthSurvival wow man love all your videos especially your bushcraft and outdoor skills.
      But be more careful in future when returning from the outdoors………wipe your feet properly and leave all the shit and trolls outdoors not in your comments section ?

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