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TOPS El Chete: THE MONSTER Chopper is HERE | Big Blade for Survival, Outdoors

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The wait is over and the TOPS El Chete is here. This thing has been a blast to use in the woods, and as you’ll see – it cuts like beast. There are a lot of positives for this knife and a few things to give you a “heads up” about too. Overall if you are looking for a stout chopping tool, this one gets a thumbs up from ETV – check it out!

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7 thoughts on “TOPS El Chete: THE MONSTER Chopper is HERE | Big Blade for Survival, Outdoors

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  2. This blade is a much of a “choppa” as my brothers Harley! Impressive. Me, I am prone to a small ax and a light weight 4″ blade. But one could clean a trout, cut down a tree, and prepare kindling, ya!

  3. On its way to being petrified… Sure. Only another million years to go since petrified means all bio-matter being replaced by mineral deposit. Great videos but please don’t shoot yourself in the foot… LOL. *As I slowly limp away…” “I speak from experience.”

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