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Ultimate Gear Organizer- Bug Out Roll: Now Available!

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PRICES ON WEBSITE ARE CURRENTLY IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, SUBTRACT APPROX 33% FOR THE PRICE IN USD. SO 130$ in CAD = 100 USD subtract 10% Discount and its around 90$ USD through promotional period of April.

Get 10% of throughout the month of April by adding the code:


…at checkout! (Click the ‘Show order summary’ to enter coupon code). My advice for this month to use the cheapest shipping method as orders wont ship for a few weeks.

Currently only available in forest camo pattern.

The Bug Out Roll is now available! Get yours here:

This is a great way to keep your survival or bug out bag gear organized in the field. Its for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, from backpackers, campers, hunters or survivalists, even backcountry workers or photographers may find some utility with it. We are hoping to ship our first batch out by the end of April but can only do that with your support right now! All orders are handled by ME the Canadian Prepper, I have opted out of using a crowfunding service which would only force me to raise the price as they take a significant cut. The product is made in Canada.

More modular add-on options will be available down the road, including different configurations of vinyl windows, as well as the commonly requested mesh!

*Please note that contents shown in video are not included with the roll! Personalize yours now!

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Gear Organizer- Bug Out Roll: Now Available!

  1. @Canadian Prepper: one idea on the bug out roll (that might promote sales, too): offer customer action shots on your webpage – users show other users how (and with which items) they use this handy piece of gear

  2. So is it 18″ x 7″ when rolled up, then depth I guess based on the gear inside? Definitely looking forward to more colors if they become available (Foliage or ACU)

  3. The price is outstanding! I truly thought it would roll out at anything above $300. This bag is really cheap. Not that im complaining… 🙂 Well done Nate.

  4. Solid video and a great innovative concept CP, I wish you much success with this! 1,000 D is tuff material, quality is key for people who use equipment on a daily basis. Glad you used local companies to make this as well. I plan to order one, after I seen your first video on this I subscribed to your channel, glad to see it fully in production now, congrats!

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