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Ultimate Survival Tips MSK1 Survival Knife Review – Long Term Testing Begins

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The MSK1 Survival Knife from David at Ultimate Survival Tips has sparked a lot of controversy in the YouTube knife world. So when David asked me at Blade Show 2018 if I wanted to test one I decided to do a long-term evaluation to find out how well it actually performs over the long haul. You are invited to come along as we kick off a brand new series of videos tracking this knife over the next few months.

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Survival Tips MSK1 Survival Knife Review – Long Term Testing Begins

  1. I think this knife has been unfairly criticized. It seems to me that there are a lot of people who just love to hate on things. I personally am not a huge fan of D2, but with the right heat treat it can be a great knife steel. I’m already in love with that little companion knife. I will be watching your vids closely along with PM101 and a couple others who are reviewing this knife before I decide to buy…I am intrigued though…

  2. Out of my price range but enjoy seeing what’s out there.  It’s nice to see a full range of knives and designs.  Sometime you do get what you pay for and that can be good and bad.  Thanks for the video..  Might be time for some new fatwood.

  3. While I could not and would not pay $400+ for a large D2 knife, small knife, and mini survival kit…more power to those with the money that are interested enough to buy it. Looks like a cool setup, but really bulky sheath for my taste. Would probably just scrap the nylon portion.

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