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UPDATE (OCT 4, 2018) – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE (OCT 4, 2018) – Preparedmind101

  1. These days I don‘t say it very often (unlike decades ago): Blessings for you and your loved ones and I am sure I am not the only one praying for you. I know 1Cor 15:54-58 only in German by heart, it should read something like this: Know this that your labour (in the Lord) is not in vain (/ not without long term blessings for your family and friends).

  2. No requests I guess. I think I heard ESEE in there somewhere, so maybe your already doing a Junglas II video lol.
    But anywho…I actually just wanted to tell ya to hang in there.
    It seems like the whole world is loosing their collective minds…
    so it really behooves the sober minded individuals to stick around haha.
    Did I use that word right? Funny sounding word.

  3. Balance. And Family all ways comes first. Great Videos. Addiction sucks and quitting is hard but well worth it after you get through it

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