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UST ParaTinder Paracord Fire Starter Review

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UST ParaTinder is paracord with an extra inner fire starter strand you an use for tinder to start a fire. Sort of like “Firecord” but a lot lower priced. Let’s see how it works.

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7 thoughts on “UST ParaTinder Paracord Fire Starter Review

  1. Brian I’ve used that tender before and it you it works great and clean up that expensive $500 night looks terrible

  2. I have used alot of UST items, and as for my opinion, they are as good as you can get, have also a small machete with a saw back spine, I have tortured it, stays sharp, the saw too, thanks for the videos, and info on multiple equipment and different your channel.

  3. That cord would work great for zipper pulls on jackets and sleeping bags, any gear that will always be with you. Just in case and always be prepared are the back bone to readiness and our love of outdoor pursuit`s. By the way I never let my dogs bark endlessly. Always would I find out what the bark was about then the dog would trust me that I was paying attention too and they would only signal the alarm when necessary. Letting a dog bark only turns them into a nervous wreck and is abuse. They bark when they need something or are anxious and if well attended to, almost never bark. I would never let someone spent the day screaming, I`d look into it, same thing. We need to know how to communicate with our furry friends and answer their call when they sound out. The owner is the one that needs training and maybe should keep an aquarium instead. Oh oh, now I can see fish belly up in my minds eye. Take care, keep safe.

  4. Looks like a pretty good product. When you cut paracord you fuse it with a lighter to keep it from fraying. How would that work with the ParaTinder?

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