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Vanquest Falconer 30 Organizational Pack: Best Use -Preparedmind101

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This is why you watch multiple videos about a product: We don’t all agree on every single point. The Falconer 30 is an exceptional organizational backpack. But my view on how it’s best used doesn’t necessarily match everyone else’s. For one, backpacks and backpack FIT is going to vary greatly from person to person. That’s why when you go buy a “backpacking” backpack from a big retailer, they generally will “Fit” you for it because you’ll be carrying a lot of weight great distance.

I see (ALL) tactical packs as short-distance packs. The one exception is the (discontinued) ILBE. That did not work for the military because of the other gear they have to wear. The ILBE was designed more like a backpacker pack. (NOTE: Although my video on the Falconer 30 showed the waist strap removed, it was used in hiking testing)

The lesson presented here is, I think the Falconer 30 is an exceptionally built pack. It all comes down to how you plan to use it.



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8 thoughts on “Vanquest Falconer 30 Organizational Pack: Best Use -Preparedmind101

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 I’m extremely glad someone finally explained to the new preppers the difference between a tactical backpack and a hiking backpacks.

  1. Well I just got me an education. I can now be most discerning whenever I look at any sort of carryware. I now have it in my head to understand the design and functionality of the different backpacks to have the right one for the right occasion. Thank you Chris, a great video

  2. Yep, I agree that it’s not a “Wilderness” Pack. I don’t even see it as an EDC/JustinCase/GetmeHome/College Book Bag. But like I said to Ben and Aaron when they reviewed the latest Vanquests, I think of the Upgraded Versions Best Use is a Travel Bag that (depending on the Airline) can fit into a Carry-On Holder for those who have to Fly away to some Foreign Place for a few days in a Casual Environment. Why? The Luggage Lock Holes on the Zipper Pulls. Or let’s say you’re a Sailor on a WestPac and you have a Three Day Liberty in Sasebo. What are you going to carry your clean Skivvies in as you grab a Taxi? Or you’re riding the London Subway and… see the scenarios? Sure you could use it for Emergencies, but I see some Millennial News Reporter being told to grab the next Flight to Botswana, and in his Cube is a Vanquest and a Ticket on United. So the Organization of the Design is perfect for those who have to have and use the same stuff over and over on short notice. Heck, I’d leave the Water Bottle Carrier in the first pass through pocket with the Double Zippers, and as soon as I cleared TSA with an Empty Nalgene in my hand, rig it up on the other side in the Men’s Room and fill the Bottle. Anyway, that’s what I see the new Vanquests main usage, a Frequent Flyer Tool for those who have to Travel to Exotic Locals or City to City to City. Yea Ohio.

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