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Vanquest Skycap-46 Convertible Duffle-Pack – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “Vanquest Skycap-46 Convertible Duffle-Pack – Preparedmind101

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 Good for commuters, especially for those that use mass transit. It looks like it be good for added security with the flaps.

  1. Thank you Chris! We had travel versatility + gear organization in mind when designing the SKYCAP-46; glad your liking it!

  2. Nice bag. Not to get off subject. Jx6 companion any idea when the next run will be. Dlt an knivesshipfree are out. Any info would be greatly appreciated

  3. I like it, good inovation, could see how it would be ideal for some, probably not me as I don’t travel alot. Would like to see a new base camp in a bag video, find that pack and go for it!!

  4. I wish vanquest stuff was available on Canadian Amazon. All there is available is some of their small pouches and they’re priced at over double what they sell for on US Amazon. Weird and irritating.

    1. Mitch Blackmore We hear you Mitch. It is too costly for us to sell on Amazon Canada, however, if you buy directly from, we will do our best to give you a credit towards international shipping. Alex @ Vanquest Team

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