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Victorinox Trekker NS: Pocket Knife Done Right – Preparedmind101

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Continuing the folder series, I look at the Victorinox Trekker, a very popular “just right” pocket knife/Multi-tool.

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9 thoughts on “Victorinox Trekker NS: Pocket Knife Done Right – Preparedmind101

  1. I like the Bark River, its kind of alluring. The Swiss trekker looks pretty good and I’m thinking of replacing one of my older Swiss knives anyway. Kool dude, thanks for the info.

  2. The Trekker is basically identical the the Bundesheer issue knife (I have one, apart from being green with acceptance marks, it’s the same)

  3. I have been carrying my Trekker for several years now. I love the thing. The edge on mine was fine, it gets shaving sharp easily and touches up nicely; not needed a stone on it yet, just a ceramic rod and strop.

  4. Hi, Chris. I really hope you see this comment/post!!! There seems to be another issue with one of your production knives again. This time it’s not with Schrade, it’s with your JX6 in CPM154 from Bark River. I got one of your CPM154 JX6 recently and it rusted way to easily for being CPM154 blade steel. I actually think the blade steel might really be O1 steel that mislabeled at CPM154!!! So I went online to investigate and I saw two video from one of my favorite knife related
    youtubers(Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors). He discovered this CPM154 rust issue while doing a blade steel rust comparison video. Then he retested the Bark River JX6 in CPM154 and the results were really weird!!!! Check out Cedric’s two videos here’s the links – First blade steel rust comparison video – and the Bark River CPM154 test video – Chris, you really need to look into this!!!

    1. +Thomas Connolly I know all about it. I’m told there may have been 5 or 6 of them. If you think you have one, you need to contact Bark River.

  5. Seriously, try the serrated blade. If you look at this knive as a utility knife given to Swiss and German soldiers rather than a “tactical” blade, it’s serrations at the front part make total sense. Makes it a super cutter/slicer for everything from rope and cord to bread and tomatoes while the chisel grind towards the handle allows for very powerful and precise cuts. With the non-serrated blade you’re missing out on the best utility/camp folder out there, the only one that was done right. Tricky to gut fish or skin deer with, but when it comes to chowing down your prey, that steak knife blade lets you catch up in no time.

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