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Walther Customer Service – Tactical Show

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What I think of Walthers customer service

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7 thoughts on “Walther Customer Service – Tactical Show

  1. I’ve also had very good service from Walther. The polymer front sight sheared off my 9mm PPQ from repeated drawing from my Safariland ALS holster.

    They sent me a new metal replacement sight quickly and free.

    Very nice guns, best out of the box trigger on a polymer gun.

  2. I just bought the M1 version due to my HK experience with the paddle mag release. The PPQ is a ridiculously good shooter with a phenomenal trigger, definitely a keeper.

  3. Dude we need a new link to your vidme I searched and used the link you gave on your other video but I can’t find you on there

  4. Yo Tac, I tagged you in this knife challenge that has been going around because I’m sure the Tac Pack would like to see what knives you come up with for this one!

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