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What “The Grid” Actually Looks Like: Interactive Tools

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Here some very useful tools to help your post-disaster planning. These maps provide detailed information about the energy grids in North America.

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USA Energy Mapping System

Canadian Interactive energy Map

USA Infographic QUICK overview of the Grid

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9 thoughts on “What “The Grid” Actually Looks Like: Interactive Tools

  1. Hydroelectric Power Stations can re power without a working grid. Some old Hydroelectric Power Stations can also survive an EMP if they are old enough. But the Power output would be very small. Most other Power plants can not re power after the emergency generators run out of fuel or battery. Not even Solar or Wind will work, because the Invertes require a Frequency and Voltage to function. They need some changes to function without a grid. Maintenance on Hydroelectric is depending on its size. As sad, old or small ones could be run long after some sort of collapse. Keep up the great work. Greetings from Bavaria “Servus”

  2. As a above, so below! Are you masonic? Just kidding, it is amazing how connected and dependent we all are. That is our weak link for sure! Good video!

  3. Thought was cool to see you focus the U.S. map on my hometown area of Maryland, need to let the few friends still in the hell hole that they got solar available if SHTF

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