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Who Survives the Collapse: Intellectuals VS Layman

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Which form of intelligence prevails after the collapse? Street smarts? Analytical and specialized forms of intelligence? Technical skills? All this is discussed and more in this video!

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7 thoughts on “Who Survives the Collapse: Intellectuals VS Layman

  1. A warning about mentality states, running on a 100% socity system, to a post collapse and too too a complete collapse as war ensues between occults for what ensues to be left over, but even that is at risk for instant collapse as disease follows war, and that could be a wild fire for all sides. Than you get the collapsed collapse a double fold onto itself, it removes all traces of the ignorances in the ignorant, happens instantly the complete lifestyle is gone in an instant, as one day you’re holding an expensive instrument, now holding a revolver in a panic as to how long you’re going to just survive, this newer instrument is simple but is surrendered in it’s use in the application. What does your intuition tell you, oldest hunting tool in the box, because it’s the base of the tool chest.

  2. my take on the shtf scenario is those that go off grid will get found sooner or later so everyone will have to work together from the start if we want to survive or we all perish.

  3. Very important topic. I think the Trump presidency showed h9w many people have a total lack of critical thinking. And these people will turn into savages overnight. One must be prepared for such and invevitablity if the shit will hit the fan.

  4. Another excellent video.
    Leisure is the mother of philosophy, and during the immediate demands of a collapse – leisure will be minimal at best.
    I think as the career market becomes more demanding of ‘specialists’, [ie: increased division of labor] there is little room for anything outside your “given area of expertise”. This causes a narrow focus mentality in a great many people. I have known many a very intelligent person – but the ones that are best suited to radical change are the ones who will fare the best. In this, I say there are 2 main traits that are very important.
    1) the ability to learn things – quickly. This will be worth more than anything.
    2) applied intelligence. This could be cunning, the ability to not only come up with solutions but implement them as well, the ability to engineer things, people, building/creating things/tools, etc.

    I have known academics who were street smart, and others who are not. I have also known “jobbers” who are geniuses, and additional jobbers who are basically just wondering how they actually hold the minimal job they have. People anywhere can really surprise you. I say let them. Learn what you can from anyone. Almost everyone has something. Where you spend your time and who you spend it with is also very important. Mix it up. You can learn so much through simple “social learning” by being around people, asking questions, watching.

    re: flat Earth… yikes… It’s not just a theory… it’s a way of life for the believers… They attack the “globeheads” with a vengeance too. (That’s the first red flag right there…) I “entertained” this theory for about 5 minutes once. I believe the FE movement was started to poison the “truth movement” so that so many of the truth seekers look like, well… muppets.
    Talk to anyone who owns / has flown in a BD-700 or a G650 – above FL450 you can see the curve. I promise. Both of these planes are certified to FL510. Flew from Honolulu to White Plains, NY in a BD-700 back in 2011. We were above FL490, the view was incredible – and the curve was there. Talk to anyone who has ever flown on the Concorde. They all saw it too. Beyond that, all modern transport aircraft are equipped with an inertial reference unit. This piece of equipment is so sensitive to movement that it can be turned on, and it will fix your latitude based solely on the Earth’s rotation speed (fastest apparent speed at equator) – it also works in both Hemispheres… and then there is Coriolis correction for +1.5 second rifle shots… ok… enough of that.

    Stay safe,

  5. *’FU-Q’* Heheh
    Luv it
    Although I wouldn’t exactly equate having an high IQ vs EQ … or street smart vs book smart … to the insurmountable incongruity of being a great long distance runner and weight lifter … the crux of your argument holds.
    As usual, your observations, analysis and recommendations were sound.

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