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Why Do You Need Different Flashlights?

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7 thoughts on “Why Do You Need Different Flashlights?

  1. Considers that a Brazilian earns on average 250 dollars a month, and that things cost up to 4 times more expensive here in Brazil, I have to work more than a year to buy all this flashlights :/

  2. A video on communications! Antennas, radios, walkie talkies, etc! Cannot rely on cell phones for prepping sootch!

  3. Some advertising of my EDC -lights, that you might want to test:

    – Smallest USB-rechargeable keychain light I have found and use regularly, attached on all my keychains: Fenix UC02 . Relatively inexpensive, durable, dust-&waterproof, 130 or 10 lumens, good distance, Size: Length: 1.7” (43.2mm) Diameter: 0.6” (14mm), Weight: 0.3 oz. (8g) excluding battery, Batteries: One 10180 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)

    – Very small EDC headlamp that fits into my cargo pants pocket: Petzl e+LITE Not very bright and uses 2 lithium CR2032 batteries (included) , but with that size and only 26 grams, its worth keeping with me most of times.

    – My EDC-backpack and bedside headlamp, USB-rechargeable: Fenix HM50R Detachable for use as a flashlight, headlamp size (including the lamp holder):Length: 2.7″ (67.5mm) Width: 1.3″ (33mm) Height: 1.1″ (28mm) Weight: 2.2 oz. (63g) excluding battery, Batteries:One 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery (Included) or one CR123A lithium battery.

  4. The king of edc light in my experience is the Nitecore Mh 20. I bought a klarus with that intense strike bezzel & that one died, will never buy that brand again. I would buy streamlight products. But ultimately would buy the next gen nitecore mh20 g.t. Have always on me.

  5. I am still loving my s1r baton! Best and most used light i have ever purchased! I recommend it to anyone for edc. The end cap coming into contact with metal will discharge the battery however. I wish they made a rubber end cap that would stop that. I have had it for a year and it has only happened twice. It sucks when it does though.

  6. How in the world do i choose a Olight H1 nova??? Theres probably 15 of them on amazon.
    Tired of my cheapie headlamp and want a quality one.

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