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Why I Support LiberTV and James Yeager

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You probably know YouTube killed James Yeager’s very popular channel so he created his own video platform. Sort of a “safe space” for liberty. LiberTV has both free and premium content. If you can afford it, I encourage you to become a premium member like me to help support the effort.

Here’s the link:

And here’s a link to James “replacement channel” on YouTube:

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12 thoughts on “Why I Support LiberTV and James Yeager

  1. I think that’s a great idea. To me, YouTube’s sudden restriction on firearm videos is a knee jerk reaction to the school shootings that have happened without any real basis for implementing those restrictions.

    Like how does reviewing a firearm translate to being related to a shooting? It doesn’t, and it’s nonsense to punish people for something they didn’t do or contribute to.

    As usual YouTube’s “guidelines” have to be the most baseless and vague guidelines I’ve ever seen, when something happens YouTube provides no reason and then just refers you to the vague guidelines, as if that helps.

    1. If I were YouTube my guidelines would be just as vague. I just wouldn’t suppress firearms content 😉

  2. I support free speech and conservatives having a voice but James Yeager is an embarrassment on many levels to the gun community, he also is foolish enough to disrespect his subscribers and think he can still count on their support. I don’t know him in person, my opinion is based on his behavior through his channel, but if he is capable of much better behavior, and capable of treating those who have supported him with respect as you indicate he should showcase that on line.

    1. Survival On Purpose check out how he treats his subscribers who ask him questions on his live streams 19:40 then skip to 52:00 and keep watching, this is just a small taste of what he does to his subscribers on a regular basis. . I wanted to support what I said regarding this, there is more if you look for it but both of us are busy people. You are a good man Brian it always comes across to me how good you truly are. If James is capable of being more like you, nothing is stopping him from showing the better angels of his nature on line. His profanity doesn’t bother me, I am his age and spent years in the Army. However, he reinforces many negative stereotypes for gun owners by his hotheaded tantrums, and he loses supporters when he treats them without respect for no good reason. Look at Paul Herril’s channel, or Hickock 45 if you want to see gun ownership portrayed in a positive light by professionals.

    2. I am not sure what you mean about disrespecting his subscribers but I have met him on several occasions and had the pleasure of attending one of his classes. Yes, he used a different vocabulary than I do and is not as diplomatic as some would prefer, but he is genuinely committed to helping people become better at defending themselves and others AND to supporting our right to continue to be able to do that.

  3. How about … we’re starting to get fragmented now with everyone going off to different websites.

  4. Fellow alumni and LiberTV premium member as well. Hopefully he will get to the point where he is inviting other gun content channels

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